Some Advantages of Anonymous Patent Opposition


Opposing anonymously may avert your market competitors from knowing that you are interested in their technology.


Opposing anonymously may allow you to influence a patent licence, whilst at the same time negotiating face-to-face with the patent owner on cordial terms.


Opposing anonymously may allow you freedom to develop argumentation that otherwise you may be precluded from using if opposing in your own name.


Opposing anonymously may provide you with a commercial edge over your competition.

Why Use Strawman Limited?

What We Offer

Why Choose Us

Strawman Limited ['Strawman™'] is a service company whose sole objective is to provide anonymity to any Company/Firm wishing to oppose a patent.


We provide a service by becoming the named opponent to a European Patent.


Our service provides for continuity and stability; irrespective of geographical location.


We offer access to use the name of Strawman™ on a "first come first serve" basis. Strawman™ should never be in a position to refuse the use of its name; subject to the particular confirmations.

In line with current law and our latest agreement(s), the use of the service of a European Patent Attorney (or any other legal representative entitled to act before the European Patent Office) is required to enter into legal relations with Strawman™.

Instant access to Strawman Limited name

Immediate anonymity

Removal of need to find willing parties to oppose patent

No emotional ties

Ability to offer continuous protection

Removes the need to negotiate terms with named opponent

A continued business relationship

More than 20 years of helping third parties oppose European Patents

Company Number: 3825903

Registered Office: Office 9, Dalton House, 60 Windsor Avenue, London, SW19 2RR.

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