Frequently Asked Questions

1 - How long has Strawman Limited been in operation?

Strawman Limited has been running for more than 20 years and has filed in excess of 400 oppositions.

2 - Is Strawman Limited affiliated with any European Patent firm?

Strawman Limited is an independent business and is not tied to any one firm of European Patent Attorneys; therefore we do not prosecute patent applications. This has an important advantage as the EPA using Strawman Limited can challenge a European Patent without the fear of his/her argument being used against him/her on a patent or patent application he/she may be handling.

3 - Are there many patent attorneys using Strawman Limited?

Strawman Limited continues to grow and has a large number of patent attorney/firms across Europe using our services.

4 - What does Strawman Limited do?

Strawman Limited is a service company designed solely to provide complete anonymity to you/your client.  Currently, our services are limited to opposing patents at the European Patent Office (EPO).

5 - Who Needs Strawman Limited?

Any would-be opponent.  Numerous oppositions are filed daily – so potentially there is a need for Strawman Limited for each and every opposition.

6 - Will Strawman Limited know the identity of the opposer?

No.  Strawman Limited does not want to know nor need to know the identity of the opposer.

7 - What is the longevity of Strawman Limited's protection?

Strawman Limited has its own separate legal entity. Hence, it can continue trading despite death or resignation.  This, in turn, provides the ultimate protection to any “strawman” opposition that has been filed.

8 - Should we (EPA) discuss the existence of Strawman Limited with our clients?

Should it be an express and/or implied term of your fiduciary relationship to discuss all avenues open to your client?  If so, this would include the feasibility of using Strawman Limited when discussing anonymity of oppositions. Are you best servicing your client needs if you do not discuss the existence of Strawman Limited with your client?  Surely your client needs to be in possession of all of the facts when considering the merits of filing an anonymous opposition.

9 - Can Strawman Limited ever refuse the use of its name?

Yes, it can.  Strawman Limited operates on a first come-first served basis procedure with one name, one opposition.  Timing of completing and returning our online Application Form is therefore of the essence.  In addition, currently, a patent proprietor cannot oppose its own patent and so we cannot represent the patent proprietor.

10 - Does Strawman Limited prepare any of the opposition documentation?

No.  We are interested neither in the merits of the opposing patent nor in the merits of the opposition to be filed.  We do not prepare or take part in the preparation of any of the opposition documents or statements.

11 - How do I enlist the services of Strawman Limited?

Please read through The Agreement.  Once having reading through the agreement complete the Application Form and await the response from Strawman Limited (this is almost immediate).

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