Transfer Agreement Form

IMPORTANT: There is an alternative Transfer Agreement, which you should read before completing the form.

Application Form
1Details of Patent that has been opposed wherein representation of Strawman Limited is to be transferred or shared
2Details of Company/Firm of Patent Attorney or any other legal representative entitled to act before the European Patent Office to whom representation is transferred or shared

Representation - Transferrred

Representation - Shared

3Details of Opponent

Name of Opponent: Strawman Limited

Address of Opponent: Orchard Lea, Horns Lane, Combe, Witney, Oxon, OX29 8NH, UK.

4Terms and Conditions

On completion and submission of this Transfer Form, Strawman Limited allows the above specified Company/Firm the continued use of the name Strawman Limited as an opponent against the patent.

On receipt of the Transfer Form Strawman Limited will invoice the above specified Company/Firm for the Transfer Fee.

Please print this form for your own records prior to submitting to Strawman Limited

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